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HELP..  I am trying to configure our 2008 Failover cluster with SQL Server 2008.  I am BRAND SPANKING new to clustering.  I installed MSCS fine and tested and everything was working spectacular.  THEN I installed MSDTC and MSDTC server will not start.  

Problem # 1 - MSDTC server will not start, states that the network name is the problem.  I used the default network name, is there something more I need to do?  

So in my attempt to mess things up even more... I decided to install SQL Server 2008 (clustering) since the pre-req check stated MSDTC does not have to be installed at the time of SQL Server 2008 (clustering) install.  Went through everything and now SQL Server 2008 states that it installed however there were errors in starting it up.  And again per the dependency report, it seems to be with the network name.

Problem #2 - SQL Server 2008 Cluster will not start, states the network name is the problem.

An associate mentioned in previous versions one had to add the MSDTC network to the Cluster networks, however I do not see any way to do this.  I am assuming that may be the issue with SQL Server as well, but we all know what happens when we assume.

Any and ALL advice would be greatly appreciated ASAP.

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Not sure on your environment but I have setup two Server 2008/ SQL 2008 clusters now and it was a learning experience due to our Active Directory. First did you pre-stage the computer object for your cluster with the object itself disabled in AD ? Secondly for the DTC to add the object it requires the account being used to have "create objects" privelage. This is also a issue if computer objects are not placed in the default computers container.

here is how I got around it in my environment, even being a OU Admin there are limitations that I have figured out that worked.
1. Added each physical node to the domain
2. Pre-stage the cluster computer name "object" in AD with it disabled
3. Created a Security goup with each node's computer object as a member.
4. Created a named dtc object in AD with the security group as being able to manage the object

It all depends on your environment on how to work around this but SQL 2008 relies heavily on kerberos, and with our controlled configuration of who can add computer objects this has worked for me flawlessly on two MSCS clusters  


Thanks for the quick response!

No, I did not pre-stage the computer object, was that in the Microsoft instructions?  I did not see that step.  Each physical node is added to the domain.  I did not perform #2, however the object was created and placed in the default computers container by MSCS.  I have a security group acct created and added both physical nodes, the MSCS cluster object, SQL cluster object and added the DTC object as well.  
Bounced nodes and SQL Server Cluster is now enabled (YAY!!!) however of course...DTC is still down and will not come online.

Check the event logs/ cluster logs to see what may be going on with the DTC. I'm suspecting it may have something to do with the kerberos from my experiences with setup. I had similar issues initially. Also did the cluster validation pass ?


Upps.. I take that back.  I deleted the DTC object that was automatically created by MSCS and then created my own DTC object!  We are a go!  YES!  I will finish up with Node 2 and report back with points or issues.  Thank you soooo  much!

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