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I am getting the message below,

(An error has occured while connecting to requested resource)

we are running Citrix Presentation server 4,We got 4 Citrix servers which are load balanced.
The above error message is intermittant and if the user click the icon on the web interface page eveantually it goes in and some times it doesnt.

I have also got some messages on my web interface servers saying.

(The Citrix XML Service object was not found: "404" "Not Found".  This message was reported from the XML Service at address "".  This XML Service could not be contacted and will be temporarily removed from the list of active services. [Log ID: ab468b80]  )

Is there any relation between them or not.

Can some one please shed a light a light on this.


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Okay on your web interface site configuration you have Load Balancing of XML Servers enabled.  Probably with a time out of 1 hour (This is default).  You will want to decrease this timeout to 5 minutes and make sure you have more then 1 XML server in the list.
You can find the settings I mentioend above in the AMC for Web Interface.  Select your Site and then Manage Server Farms.  Select your Farm and click Edit.  You should then see your XML Servers and Load Balancing Settings.

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