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Wonder if anyone can help with this.
We have a client who have 12 staff connecting into a Terminal Server 2003 at a different location over broadband.
Because of the nature of the job, they do a lot of printing to photo copiers. To save a lot of time, they need to have printing preferences setup on the printer properties so that they can quickly print to headed paper with a continuation sheet on plain (and duplexed). You have to use printing preferences to do this with the printers they use.
The problem I have is that the rdp session doesn't pass through the printing preferences settings and you have to set it up on the TS Session.
However (!) when the session ID changes (when staff logoff or logon or the server is rebooted) they lose all the setiings and have to do it all over again.
Any ideas? If I could get the individual logons assigned to specific Session ID's, this would solve the problem.
Worth 500 points this one!
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What else is running on the Terminal Server? How about you set the TS up as a print server and attach everyone's printers via direct IP printing from the server? This way, the preferences you set for the printer on the server should always stick. And everyone can still print to them locally when not RDP'd in via direct IP printing.


Tried to do this - the problem is as they are at a different site, the only way is to do direct printing is to use VPN connection which tends to drop out and causes other routing issues
Make sure that the printers names on the TS are setup to exactly match the ones on the workstations. Check out this link. It has some other helpful tips for making TS printing work better as well.


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Hi - done a bit more investigation and discovered that the printing preferences configured on the rdp session are unique to combination of the Session ID and the computer from which the user is connecting
e.g. it will say on the remote session in the printers folder  "MX2300 on session 13 from ST344"
If that user then logs on to the rdp sessions form another computer it doesn't remember the settings "MX2300 on session 13 from ST355"   (St344 and ST355 are the PC names)
I have also discovered that the printer preferences info is stored in the ntuser.dat file  
The staff swap desks all the time which is head -ache

Any tips welcome


Also I have discovered that the printing prefernces is stored in the ntuser.dat file in the profile and it has been suggested to try mandatory profiles which I will do
If any one has any bright ideas?
By the way, the tip about keeping the printer names exactly the same helped me solve another issue - thanks CptnTrips: I will award a partial because the situation is rather unusal and not sure I will get much more from the forum on this one
thanks anyway
This problem looks very similar:
Add Domain Users to TS Print Operators group on the TS.
When user is logged in select there mapped printer in their session. Change preferences, device settings and apply. Wait about 60 seconds and then the settings should save to the local machine Terminal Server Client Cache.
I also made the user admin of the local machine, but that might not be necessary.

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