vba - copy form one workbook to another doesnt work

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I am try to copy a range from one workbook to another...but it is not working for me...even though not every cell will have a value....
Dim newXl As Object
Dim wbk As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim strCopy As String
Dim csvPath As String
Dim dcCopyBefore As String
Dim strArray As String

dcCopyBefore = "dcCopyBefore.csv"
'Create a directoriy to save new copy of CB Data to
MyPath = "C:\disputedChangesRpts"
If Dir$(MyPath, vbDirectory) = "" Then MkDir MyPath
Set newXl = Workbooks.Add
    With newXl
        .Title = "dcCopyBefore"
        .Subject = "dcCopyBefore"
        .SaveAs Filename:="C:\disputedChangesRpts\dcCopyBefore.csv"
    End With

Workbooks("dcCopyBefore.csv").Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A6:K65000") = Workbooks("DisputedCharges - Back office interface -v15.xls").Sheets("Disputed Charges").Range("G6:Q65000")

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What do you mean when you say it's not working? What is happening?
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Hello GlobaLevel,

Please explain what you mean by "not working."


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Two questions.
1. Are you runnihg this code from worbook-->"DisputedCharges - Back office interface -v15.xls"
2. Try this line and see do you get any error in that.
Workbooks("dcCopyBefore.csv").Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A6:K65000") .Copy  Workbooks("DisputedCharges - Back office interface -v15.xls").Sheets("Disputed Charges").Range("G6:Q65000")
If yes then whats the error message you get..?

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