2 DNS records for server causing problems

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This is the problem. Setup: SBS 2003 server address,  RAS Internal IP routing, Server name XXXX. In DNS forward zone XXXX is shown as both and There are connection issues from workstations sometimes solved by a server reboot or combined server & workstation reboot. When the problem exists ping XXXX from a workstation resolves as If I then delete from DNS and flushdns on the workstation it then correctly resolves as and everything works. Changes to the workstations host file also solves the problem. The issue is that keeps on returning as a DNS record. Why does it so this, should it be there and if not how do I stop this from coming back and creating issues on workstations without host file changes?
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Make sure that "register this connection in DNS" is only checked on the card that you want registered with DNS.

You can find this under TCP/IP Properties and then advanced.

Check the setting on both/each card.
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Please read for steps on fixing problem.

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-Open the DNS management console, right click on the server and choose properties. Under Interfaces select only the appropriate IPv4 and IPv6 (if present) appropriate for the primary adapter.
-Also in the network connections window, on the menu bar choose advanced | advanced settings | adapters and bindings | make sure your LAN adapter is at the top of the list
-Flush DNS (delete wrong entries from DNS)


This problem had our IT people puzzled. Initial testing of the workaround in the KB looks as though it has solved the problem. Well done.

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