Exchange 2010 DAG's - Can you seed the Database?

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I have an Exchange 2010 setup running great.  I have setup Database Availability Groups, and tested on small databases, it works great!

My question is, for my large databases; 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, etc, is there a way to "seed" the database copy on the remote server?

I ask because I have DAG's setup between servers that are across a 30Mbps WAN connection.  It will take (estimated) 4-5 days for the DAG to copy all that data to the remote server.

Is there a known (documented) way to copy my existing database, back it up to disk, tape, etc, ship it to my remote location, put those files on my remote Ex2010 server, and use that data to start the DAG?  Theoretically then the DAG would only have to catch up from 1 or 2 days of changes.

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I have never tried it but yes you can.


Hi Demazter,

Thank you for this document.

I have previously read this, and while I believe it's possible, this article doesn't describe how to use a DB copy, as the starting point for a DAG.

Meaning, it doesn't step me through the process, on how to do this.  Do I shutdown exchange services, backup my raw DB files, restart my services, copy the data, then create DAG?  What about if I backup my primary server inbetween?  the logs will be truncated and i'd expect that would screw it up.

What I'm looking for is a documented (either MS or someone who as done it in the real world) process on how to do this.  What are the steps?  Do i pause backups until the DAG is seeded and working?  What services do i stop when I copy the DB files?

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it is pretty much the same as in exchange 2007, you don't need to recreate your DAG

Suspend the replication copy
copy the database to the target
then resume the replication copy again

did you read 


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