Enterprise configuration of Java for standard deployment

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Environment - Citirx 4.5, thin clients in field, W2003 Server, Java 1.6_15

Issues - getting a consistent configuration that works for all user.

Symptoms - java fails to load, app errors out, does not read/write java temp files in stored location

Needs - Expert understanding of Java, AD and GP and setting for deployment

Hello All,

Our not-for-profit org has just implemented a payroll app that is Java based.  The app works fine on desktops and laptops that do not have any sort of mandatory profile or group policy assigned to it.  Our citrix environments users do have issues in that the Java.exe does not load correctly, the files are not stored where we have specified and continues to fail.

Can anyone point me to a resource that explains where the settings that control  these interactions live and how to change them for GP, mandatory profiles, etc.

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If you have proxy server, you may want to bypass it.

go to control panel, double click Java

click on Network Settings
resolved the issue.  Had multiple versions on the server but the mandatory profile only showed the 1.4 version.  Rebuilt the mandatory profile and user were able log in.

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