The Citrix SSL server you have selected is not accepting connections

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After upgrading from presentation server 4 to 4.5 we are getting that error after clickin on the desktop application in the web interface and cannot connect to the server.
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Okay a couple of questions for you.  Are you using an Access Gateway or just straight Web Interface?  Did you upgrade your client to version 11?  I have had issues with version 9 trying to connect to a 4.5 farm and get an error kinda just like that.  
We are using an Access Gateway....

The fix was to reconfigure the UID.  turns out that this information changes during the upgrade.  I changed the name of the FQDN temprarily and backed up in the config wizard and then changed it back and it recognized the the UID.  Finally the access platform was not showing the website so we created a new site and had to change the path slightly and it was discovered.

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