Webcam not found in Windows 7 (MSI X340)

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Hi I have a brand new MSI X340. After I removed the usual unwanted software that comes with new computers, my build in webcam is not working anymore.
It doesn't show up when I search for new hardware and it is not shown in the hardware list either.
I searched the MSI site for a driver but it says that it should work with the native Windows 7 driver.
Before I reïnstall my laptop, does anyone have any ideas how to solve this?
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You can try to use the windows vista drivers under vista mode works in quite a few cases.


Yes, I thought about that as well, but on the MSI website it says the webcam should work with the native Vista drivers.
I think I will give the XP drivers a try.
try running them in windows vista compatability mode if they cause problems :)
I discovered the cause. On the MSI X340 you have to press Fn+F6 to turn the webcam on...  

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