How can I share 32 bit printer drivers from a 64 bit server?

evansjam used Ask the Experts™
I have a HP CM1312 which is shared from Win 2008 server x64. When I try to add this printer on XP x32 client, it cannot find any driver for it. When I try to share additional drivers from server computer I am unable to do so. Printer works fine on server computer thought.  Have you any ideas?
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Nathan RileyFounder
You mean when you click to add the printer and it would normally just load the drivers on it's own from the computer the printer is installed on?  I had a similar issue here and never could fix so that it was automatic.  Just downloaded the 32 bit version of the driver from HP's site and stored it out there on a network drive.  Then when anyone adds that printer they select the 32 bit driver from there.
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According to, it says:-

"From a Windows XP client:

1. Logon to a 32 bit XP client with an account that has Administrator rights on the server.
2. Browse to the server and double click on the Printers and Faxes share.
3. Click File and then Server Properties.
    Go to the Drivers tab.
    Click Add.
4. The Add Printer Driver wizard should appear. Click Next on the welcome screen.
5. If the client already has a driver for the printer you can select the driver from the list otherwise you would Click Have Disk and browse to the directory containing the print drivers from the printer manufacturer.
6. Once you select the printer you will be prompted to select the print environment. Check the box for Intel Windows 2000 or XP.
7. Click to Finish to complete the process and close the wizard.
8. The add printer driver wizard will now copy the necessary files to the server to support 32 bit clients. Once this process is complete you should be able to install the printer on all the 32 bit clients and the client machine will pull the necessary driver from the server."




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