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Hi. I am triying to create painted button.
I am from turkey. my English not good enought.
I mean, I want to creta button style without java standart style.

for examlple

I wana all button style like this.
how can I do this ?

Is there any documment ? I cant found !

I wish, I have explain my problem :) Thanks
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not sure off hand if this will help, but have a look at the demos of substance and see if it could work for you


Thanks ! Can I do this. without Look and feel I mean without any plugin.
I am not really sure what you mean.
1) In order to use substance you must download the library.  As with any non core component library
2) You can't do this without look and feel.
3) What is the problem with using an external library (you said plugin, but you mean library)?
4) If you dont want to use substance you could try the Java look and feel.
see here
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I couldn't see the picture you have pointed but Java Look & Feel is the way to go if you want the same custom look for all the buttons.

if its just a image you want to show on the button, you can set the background image to the button, for e.g.,

new JButton( text, icon ) ;
btw, l&f is a functionality within Java and its not an external library or plugin!


Thanks. Is there eny documment about XML ?
for example how can I design spinner ? or Scrool ?


than at tha check box how can .i  set Selected and mouseover icon ?

          <state value="MOUSE_OVER">
      <property key="CheckBox.icon" value="check_over"/>
       <color value="#000000" type="TEXT_FOREGROUND"/>
       <font name="Verdana" size="12"/>
        <imagePainter method="checkboxBorder"
                        sourceInsets="10 10 10 10" />

for this xml code


any idea ?
Kevin CrossChief Technology Officer
Most Valuable Expert 2011

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