How do you backup Business Contact Manager

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What is the most successful way to back up Business Contact Manager used in Outlook 2007?
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BCM has its own database (data+log), so the easiest way is to backup these two files. Appropriate SQL Server Service should be stopped during this backup operation.

The safest way, of course, is to create the backup from Outlook directly or from SQL Server Management studio eventually. If you don't have SSMS then you may download its Express version from MSFT:



Let me make sure I understand you correctly.

I do understand that BCM has it's on database (data+log) and it even has a way to "backup" the database within Outlook.  However, when I've used that version of backup, the restore was not successful.  I lost all the "links" not only to the e-mail but to the Tasks, reminders, etc.

So here's the question for clarification.  Are you suggesting I download SSMS and create the backup with both Outlook closed and the SQL Server Service shutdown?  In other words, do the backup externally from the app?

I bet you that's the problem and why my restore was not good.  

Thank you so much for your help.  I will download now SSMS.  Thanks.

Louis James
SSMS cannot help in this case and it will behave same way like the standard backup/restore within Outlook.

Outlook should be able to recreate necessary links - on the Business Contact Manager menu, click Manage E-mail Auto-linking.

Some more info:
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Good Morning pcelba:

You said: "Outlook should be able to recreate necessary links - on the Business Contact Manager menu, click Manage E-mail Auto-linking."  And that has worked perfectly.  As far as e-mail goes, after restoring the BCM database, I run the Manage E-mail Auto-linking and it works.

So I do have restored Accounts and Contacts in BCM and the e-mail linking.  

The problem is all the other linking that should go on like "Task" and "Phone Logs" and so on.  For example, Tasks:  While the task is there, it is no long a "task" but a "Business Activity".  It does not have the features of the task like the reminder.  It's a completely different look and is not linked to the contact.

I have to manually recreate the task.  

I have always used the "Backup Database" within Outlook and BCM.  I wonder if in fact, I'm not getting a good backup because both Outlook and BCM are open.  So I'm thinking the SSMS might be better because the backup would be "outside" the program with the SQL service shutdown.

I do appreciate your thoughts.  I'm just frustrated that BCM doesn't seem to have a true backup OR I must be doing something wrong.

Thanks again

Louis James
The problem is not caused by the fact Outlook and BCM are open. They are displaying just a copy of the database contents, so the backup is working correctly. Even SSMS does not shut the SQL Service down during the backup because the backup operation is provided by the SQL Service itself.

Your problems are most probably caused by the product itself. Some features are simply missing and we may believe they'll be implemented in BCM 2010. The database backup does not save all necessary links, so the restore cannot recreate them. BCM and Outlook should provide some backup option for both database and links to tasks etc. Did you try to create backup into .bcm file?

BTW, it is even problematic to install BCM 2007 when some independent database already exists on computer.


You know... I just found out about the BCM and BCMX exports.  Never knew.  In fact, thanks to you, you reminded me about and I found a post to this same question where someone suggested the .BCM file.  Who knew?

In fact, as I type this it's "exporting" the file to the .BCM and it definitely is taking quick a while.

As far as BCM2010, I'm hopeful that it will have resolved these issues because it was definitely a kick in the teeth to realize that the backups were "worthless."

Maybe it's time to take a fresh look at ACT or some other program as such.

Thanks again.

Louis James

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