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I have created a website using Dreamweaver CS4. There is a bunch of greyed out code when I use the split view. I think it is just notes that Dreamweaver puts in when you build a site. My question is, can I delete this greyed out code without messing up any of the other code? I don't want that visible if someone is on the site and happens to check out the page info online.
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Hi chopperchic,

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There can be several kinds of greyed-out code in Dreamweaver.  Whether it is safe to delete depends on what it is:

1) When you create a page from a CSS Template (File | New | then choose 1, 2, or 3 column) DW will write comments in the CSS code that explains what is what and why.  This stuff can be deleted.

2) When you apply certain Behaviors (usually Server Behaviors), some commented code will be generated.  This can be deleted BUT it may cause the behavior to disappear from the panel.  The code will still work, though.

3) When working with Templates, any page based on a Template will have code that is not editable greyed out.  This cannot be deleted or edited at all, so don't worry about it.


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