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We have a Win2003 domain with many WinXP laptops that have both a wired ethernet connection and a wireless connection. We use static IP addresses and both connections have the same ip address. We  use IAS and PEAP for wireless access (802.11).

We usually keep the wireless or the wired disabled depending on how the device is used. But sometimes both connecitions are active on the network. I have found the results to be different. Sometimes there is no problem, other times the wireless connection loses its address.

Question: What complications do we have when a laptop is on the wired and the wireless networks with the same ip address?
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If they have the same IP address and are both enabled, one of them is not going to work and it will probably cause all kinds of conflicts.  Can't you just give them different IP addresses?
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Tye wont have the same IP, or at least they shouldnt. They will be multihomed to the same subnet, which might confuse some applications, like Remote Control, LANDesk etc......

There is an Option in MOST newer laptop models, calledn WLAN Switching, which will disable the wired port when the WIFI is active, and vice versa.....


I was looking for answers with more dept but I probably expected too much.
To the author:

You were not compelled to close the question. Well the links I have given you explain all that is needed. If you need more explanations we can help.


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