Is it possible to determine who a BCC'd email was sent to?

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For example: is on a mailing list called

If you send to either of these email addresses will receive an email.

Is it possible to determine where the email was sent to if the email was sent via BCC? If so, how?
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Sounds like you are asking to distinguish between:

a) message sent To: list, Bcc: user
b) message sent To: list

When user is a member of the list it could be difficult to tell the difference.
Also it could result in 1 or 2 copies being delivered, depending on how the list
server manipulates headers.  It's most likely that the list server would generate
a new Message-ID (xxxx@sender-origin vs. xxxx@listserver-origin) so you could
use that to tell the difference between a messages  received directly from the sender
vs. one that was processed by the list server.  The list server probably injects other
headers for loop detection, handling bounces, etc. that should be fairly obvious if
you look a the complete headers.


I'm actually asking about whether it's possible to tell the difference between:

a) message sent Bcc: user
b) message sent Bcc: list

And can you tell the difference. I should also add that when I say mailing list I'm actually talking about Outlook (Active Directory) groups. I'm not sure if these function the same as a traditional mailing list.
If the list is just a distribution group (outlook/exchange) then it is not possible for the
recipient to tell if it was sent Bcc to the user individually or Bcc to one of the user's
distribution groups.  Blind is blind, no peeking allowed..

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