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This seems to happen when you change the values of the data, a lable will jump off the viewable area and the only way I've been able to get it back is to rotate the pie chart, re-arrange the labels and then re-rotate back to the position I want (and I usually have to re-position the labels again). It's a pain and now especially that I'm using automation to change the chart data, which means I'll have to open each PP slide, review the charts and change the ones where the labels decided to go off the visible area.

Any ideas how to get the labels visible?

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In your slide, you have three imaginary boxes.  First, the OBJECT AREA, within it the CHART AREA, and with this, the PLOT AREA.  Your pie chart is very obedient and will stay in the PLOT AREA.  Your labels are more unruly and will wander in the CHART AREA even if it can't contain them.

My first suggestion would be to resize the plot area to allow your free range labels enough room to run amok.

My second suggestion would be to turn off autoscaling.  When you change your data, the graph in the object is re-rendered and the labels (according to the plot and chart area) resize and reposition themselves automatically.  Like children in a preschool play, your labels might be checking their costumes and then snapping their head up to find out where they should be standing leading to disastrous results on stage.  You can turn off auto scaling by right clicking the labels and selecting the the "Font" tab.

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thanks Tux,
I should be able to check this out in the next day or 2. At any rate, very useful info.

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