Can't access data\folder on hard drive

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I have a hard drive here at the office, I can access everthing on the hard excepted for one user name. Thier are 4 users  that uses this hard drive, I can access all of there data. but one. It's saids access denied... What would cause this and how can I get access to the data up her profile?
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The user has set permissions on her folder. Either use a domain admin account to get to it or log in with the users name + password.
it seems that that profile is password-protected
remove the password & try
or it could be NTFS permissions
You should be able to log on as an administrator and take ownership of this profile:

See if this helps you.
noxchoIT Product Manager
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Take ownership. That should help. Or if you need one time access to data use Linux boot CD to browse the folder.



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