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I have a report in Crystal Reports 10. It queries our database and returns various information on various projects. Some of the data is zeros. If the data is zero I do not want the line item to show up on the report.

I right clicked on the field and went to the number tab, customize and supress if zero. That eliminates the zero but it still shows the line item with a bunch of white space. I don't want it to show the section at all if there is no data. I attached a screen shot of what portions of the report look like

How can I accomplish this?
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what is line item ??  is it line?? well if it is line  and if it is for one field.. there are other ways to work around as you can not conditionally suppress the line

1. try to use border instead of line

   right click > format field > click "border" tab  > select single for "bottom" (you can also conditionally change)

 well if the same field is suppressing for zero ,then line  suppress too

2. if you are using big horizontal line and then

 a) split section ( detail/group >> right click on section > insert section below )  and insert all your lines in that section
 b) and then suppress that section  by field= 0
to accomplish this .. right click on section > section expert > common tab> you can see formula button/box beside "suppress" then give this condition ==field= 0

if it is any other field  and if you want suppress..when number field becomes zero...try the following

and then suppress by condition ==number field= 0

right click > format field > see formula box beside "suppress" > insert above condition
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Actually, when you want to suppress the entire line, you are better off writing it into the record selection formula.

This prevents the database from returning the line entirely  and therefore improves the efficiency of the report, and minimises the use of the network.

Remember that the record selection is the opposite of suppression, in that you want to select the lines where the values are not 0.

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