Windows Server 2008 64Bit, activate 60 day trial using OEM key ?

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When I got a new  server I downloaded Microsoft’s 60 day trial of Windows 2008 Enterprise  as I originally ordered the standard version of Windows
and not the enterprise version – I thought when I get the key I will be able to activate it.
But when I got the new disk the key it was a OEM version (as it was bought with the hardware) which is a different key version to the download version.
I did attempt to ring Microsoft about what to do but they just put the phone down on me.
If there is a way to activate the 60 day trial version of Windows using a OEM key ?
Otherwise I will have to reinstall Windows.

I’ve tried pressing the "change product key" option but this will not accept my key.
I do have a genuine DVD copy of Windows Enterprise 64Bit (OEM).
Current installed Version (60 day trial) Version 6.0 (Build 6002): SP2
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I did have a similar problem on Windows 2003 and I had to reinstall the OS - even MS support and a TAM couldn't help me. Not sure if this applies 2008, but it woudn't surprise me.

I ended up installing from my media over the existing installation (kind of like an upgrade). Except for the downtime this is not a big deal, it should keep everything else in place. Make sure you do have a good backup though...

You may be able to contact you hardware vendor and get a key from them that will do the trick, but not always.  If you can't get the key your best option it to try the upgrade like the person before me added.
Thanks for the replies.
dswoffer: I have tried that - they can only give me the OEM key I have bought
Wonkko_the_Sane: Thanks for the info

Looks like im spending Sunday at the office reinstalling :-(

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