Clone an ASA5510

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How can I copy or clone a running config from one ASA to another.

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here is a link that walks you through it using the CLI. I believe you can also use the file->backup running-config (or similar option) from ASDM. 
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division
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if you don'twant to use tftp:

telnet/ssh into the old asa:

more sytem:running-config

copy all config to Clipboard, and paste to the new asa
Personally in the past when i have moved configs from device to device I always have taken the safe route by using TFTP or saving the the running-config via whichever webGUI is available. My reason for this has always been how the encrypted keys and passwords would transfer.
What has your experiance been with copy and paste config moves? have you done them a lot?


Copy and paste does not work - that will NOT enter sub interfaces etc properly like QOS
I'd use tftp:

Download tftp32d from here:

This is far better than the tftp client Cisco used to offer. Install this onto a workstation and assign a tftp root folder.

Start the tftp service.

telnet onto the asa that you want the config copying from, and enter privileged exec mode.

enter "copy running-config tftp"
enter the IP of the tftp server when prompted
enter a filename when prompted.
ensure the config has copied over.

telnet onto the asa you need the config copying to, and enter privileged exec mode.

enter "copy tftp: startup-config"
enter the Ip address of the TFTP server
enter the filename
the config will be held in startup flash memory, so either reboot or issue the following command: reload
(copy start run will not work as it merges the configs).

Hope that helps

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