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The person that did IT for my observatory before I joined added me as a child domain to the parent observatory.  There is talk that they want to separate from us.  If that happens what do I need to do to make myself a parent domain without having to redo my domain controllers.

I have 3 domain controllers that are running Server 2003 enterprise(2) and standard (1).  
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You won't be able to just easily separate your child without impact to your DCs/users/objects.  What you would have to do is create a new domain and then migrate your AD/domain to that domain.  
You could use the Active Directory Migration Tool (free tool from Microsoft).  There are also good third party migration tools (Quest and NetIQ for example)
Definitely need to plan any migration out.  The ADMT white paper is a great place to start for more info


Great advice.  Thank you!

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