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i have a new potential client who has confidentially given me access to supposedly their FTP login for their web site so i can poke around to see what hosting features they will need, etc.
instead, the login was for their Plesk account.
I'm unfamiliar with Plesk (I'm a Cpanel person)
THere doesn't seem to be any hint of FTP access info, etc.,  just web usage stats.  The other icons/features that are there are dead ends or "empty"
When i try to use those credentials to login via FTP, it gives me just those Plesk interface web page files, etc.  not the published (live) company web site.

please advise if there's a trick with Plesk that i'm not seeing to be able to look at .php files and their database (assuming it's MySQL, but not sure)

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Are you just using your web browser to ftp into their files? If so, try opening up my computer and type in the ftp address there, you should be able to bypass the Plesk panel and get right into the root of their directory.
What version of Plesk are they running?

Usually if you're looged in as a client, you get to see a list of domains.

For the domain in question v8.x + should give you an option for "Hosting Setup" or "Web Hosting"

Entering this will allow you to define FTP usernames and passwords.



client finally acknowledged that the plesk interface has no association with their FTP account, two separate beasts.

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