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Why is it that when someone is running connection tests, they always seem to want to ping ?

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Not sure. The IP address belongs to Level 3 communications...a major North American communications company.
Kerem ERSOYPresident

This is a very well known DNS server. IT is almost always up. So people wants to ping some host which is almost up. To be able to ping it also shows that the premise you2re running ping is properly connected to the TCP/IP network.

People need some where which is almost always up and know to allow ping (icmp packets)


KeremE is correct, this is a public DNS server from microsoft. Not only is it a common test for pings, but its also a very common DNS server to use for testing purposes. Many times i will have the secondary DNS forwarder set to in case the isp's has issues.

yes it's reliable DNS ip ,, free and popular for troubleshooting and allows pinging all the time,,
but I'm now using Google public DNSs in addition in all troubleshooting and second DNSs
in be more accurate ::

Google public DNS

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