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I need to write a script that will verify a tape is good. I am using backup software that will not verify the backup job, but will allow me to run a script before or after the job. I want to verify the integrity of the tape so when I do a restore I know my tape is good.
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not sure it is worth the trouble

LTO drives to a read after write to verify the data was correctly written. It certainly is not as good as doing a real verify.

That is only one thing a verify does, the other is to see if the data written is valid data. For example the drive may have written a session header correctly the but data written was not a valid session header. So yes it did complete the write but what was written was no good.

In such a case there would be no indication that it is not possible to restore the data.

In your case since the application cannot verify it behooves you to do periodic test restores.


Not what I wanted to hear, but it is what it is. Thanks for the quick response.

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