Where to position Terminal Server 2008 Licensing Role?

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I have the following configuration:
1.- Windows Server 2008 Std, Domain controller
2.- Windows Server 2008 Std, Backup Domain Controller
3.- Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, with MS Dynamics AX 2009 (ERP) and Terminal Server with 50 users.
4.- Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, SQL Server 2008.

I don’t know where the best place to install TS Licensing is, I’m considering either installing it on the domain controller server or terminal server.  I could probably add another terminal server soon so I’d like to choose the option with the lesser probability of having TS licensing discovery problems.

Could you please give some recommendations?


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Hello. Install it on the Primary Domain Controller, the number 1 option in the list.


I'll do it that way.


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