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Internet stops working when second network is enabled

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I am trying to use the Internet and a wireless projector at the same time on WinXP.

The computer has a local NIC and a wireless 802.11g adapter. The local NIC obtains its IP (192.168.1.x) with subnet mask, gateway and DNS via DHCP. The connection to the Internet works at that time. The router's IP is

The wireless adapter is being used to connect to a wireless projector only. It obtains via DHCP an IP address (10.0.0.x, and subnet mask from the wireless projector only, without a gateway or DNS server IP).

The problem is that the computer is using somehow the wireless connection as the primary one. As soon as the wireless connection is enabled, the Internet stops working.

How can I bring the computer to use the local NIC's gateway and DNS?

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Check with the command `route print` what your default route looks like. It has the destination
If that one goes to the wrong end, it would explain it.
If that is the case, you are actually acquiring a gateway from the projector.

this is most likely the issue, if there is any gateway on the wireless connection, it will most likely cause the issue. You can try assigning the wireless info manually for that subnet and just leaving the gateway blank. All you would need for lan communication is for the ip to be on the same subnet.
Just learned something new: in control panel under network connections in the advanced settings menu one can set the network connection priority.

This moved the wireless connection gateway (pointed nowhere) down in the routes table.