GroupWise 6.5.7 client on Windows 7 pro

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Hello, I have a GroupWise 6.5 Post Office.  We are currently using the 6.5.7 client on XP pro.
Moving to Windows 7 pro has proved to be problematic in that the 6.5.7 client will not install on Win 7 Pro.
Does anyone have a solution to this dilema?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks people!
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The GW 6.5 client is not supported on Windows 7. For that matter, GW 7 isn't either. But here are a couple of things to try.

1. Right-click the GW 6.5 client install and "Run as administrator".
2. Installing the GW 7 client and run it against the 6.5 PO. This will work, though the added features in the v7 client won't work, e.g., personalized subject lines. The basic functionality will work fine.
3. I've seen it reported that after you install the GW7 client, you should be able to install the GW6.5 client. Give that a shot.
Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing Partner

The only GroupWise client supported on Windows 7 is 8.0HP1 and it works great.  As far as getting a 6.5.7 client to run on Win7 I doubt that you will even in some sort of a compatibility mode if such exists.

You won't be able to run a GW7 client against at 6.5.x POA as it will tell you "the version of the client you are using cannot connect to the post office."

Do you have the ability to upgrade?  GW6.5 has been out of support for quite a while.  8.0.1HP1 just recently came out and overall, GW8.x offers many, many enhancements that are completely worth the price of upgrade.  WebAccess is dramatically improved.  You can have multiple calendars and link them together and then using the Calendar Publishing (a new component for Apache2 or IIS) you can publish your calendars for others to use, even across the Internet in different email systems.

Hope that helps.

Scott, you're right about the GW7 client not running against the 6.5 POA. Once SP2 was release on that client, that functionality disappeared.
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Okay, I'm a little confused, here is what I am trying to accomplish.
I have a windows 7 Pro workstation.  My GW PO is 6.5.7.  I understand the 6.5.x client will not run on Windows 7.
Can a newer client that will run on the workstation OS still connect to my old GW 6.5.7 Post office?
If so, which client?


Thanks for all your replies.
Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing Partner

No.  Newer GroupWise clients cannot connect to an older database.  So the GroupWise 8.x client which runs great on Win7 cannot connect to your 6.5.x post office database.  The post office database would have to be upgraded to version 8 which usually takes about an hour and can be done via remote control.  I've done many upgrades from all sorts of versions of GroupWise over the past 16+ years.


P.S.  For the record most older clients (but not all) can connect to the newer backend/post office database.
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As an update to this, we've found that this method even works for 64-bit systems:

How to install Novell GroupWise Client 6.5.7 on
Windows Vista or Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit

1.  Start with a clean installation of Windows Vista.
    "Clean" means that no Microsoft Office has touched the machine,
    indeed not Outlook.

2.  Enable the Administrator account, and login as Administrator.

3.  Rename/delete the following files.
    For the DLLs, it's not straightforward.
      a. Make the Administrators' group the owner.
      b. Grant the Administrators' group Full Control permissions.
    For Vista/Windows 7 32-bit:
    For Vista/Windows 7 64-bit:

4.  Copy GroupWise 6.5.7 installation files to the local drive.

5.  In the installation folder, browse to WIN32\WMS\NT\US\WMS.EXE.
    Right-click and click Properties, then on the compatibility tab,
    set "Run this program in compatibility mode for .." to
      Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

6.  Repeat this for WIN32\SETUP.EXE.

7.  Install WIN32\WMS\NT\US\WMS.EXE. Reboot after installation.

8.  Verify that for 32-bit:
    or for 64-bit:
    is dated 1996.

9.  Install GroupWise using SETUP.EXE
10. After the installation, choose NOT to run GroupWise.
11. Restart Windows.
12. Run GroupWise.

Credit goes to the unknown originator of the initial recipe.
NB: Not tested on "Home" versions.


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