XP Crashes when you try to change password

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I have a Lenovo ThinkPad, that whenever you Ctrl/Alt/Del and click on "Change Password" it crashes, blue screens and reboots.

Anyone ever see this behavior before?
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Definitely an interesting problem, haven't seen this before - a good start would be to do the typical bluescreen troubleshooting of analyzing the memory dump.  Steps are here - http://www.networkworld.com/news/2005/041105-windows-crash.html?page=1 - this may give you all you need to fix the issue, or you can post your findings here for further analysis.  Best guess is thinkpad biometric or other password software that IBM/Lenovo tossed on there, but it's hard to tell.


Will begin suggested troubleshooting in the next couple of days, once I get the laptop in-hand from the user.
I will post when I get the data from the Dump.




Ok I have set the PC to not reboot on error.

Here is what I get:

                              STOP: C000021a  <Fatal System Error>

                              0x00000502   (0x00000000 0x00000000)

                              The system has been shut down.
OK, I was able to find a fix...  the issue ended up being the Wireless Driver/Software.

This was a Lenovo T61 Laptop.

I uninstalled the current wireless card from Device Manager, then I uninstalled the Wireless Software from within Add/Remove Programs.
Rebooted and installed the 6mwc17ww.exe file I downloaded from Lenovo's site and this fixed the crashing issue.

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