VBA Run-time error '-2147417851 (800010105)'

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I wrote a ms Access VBA code that creates an Excel workbook with multiple sheets and inserts certain data into the respectiive sheets.  Along with that I add hyperlinks to allow the user to move from one excel sheet to another.  The problem I am having is that I am able to run the vba code one time and everything works great.  If I attempt to run it again I get the following message.  Regardless if I close out excel or not.

Run-time error '-2147417851 (800010105)'
Method 'Add' of object 'Hyperlins'failed

I can get it to work again if I close excel go into debug mode in access and reset the routine.  I can also get it to work continuously if I comment out the hyperlinks in the access vba.
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It would be helpful to see the code. I suspect you are not cleaning up properly.


Let me know if this is enough of the code.

Private Sub cmdSAV_Click()
    Dim mAPP_XL As Excel.Application
    Dim mBOOK As Workbook
    Dim mSHT As Worksheet    
    Dim mSUM As String    
'Create new instance of Excel.
    Set mAPP_XL = New Excel.Application
    mAPP_XL.Visible = True

'Add new workbook to Workbooks collection.
    Set mBOOK = mAPP_XL.Workbooks.Add
'Add new sheets to the Worksheets collection.
    Set mSHT = mBOOK.Worksheets.Add
    mSUM = "Summary"
    mAPP_XL.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(1).Name = mSUM
        mSHT.Range("J1").Value = "Sum"        
'Creating hyperlink  “”This is where the code breaks when I run it a second time.””
        mSHT.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection, Address:="", SubAddress:="'" & mSUM & "'!A2"
        End With
MsgBox "Successfully.."
Exit Sub
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Replace 'Selection' in the Hyperlinks.Add line with mSHT.Range("J1")

you should never use an unqualified reference like Selection or ActiveCell when automating Excel or you create an implicit reference to the Application object that is only released when your calling program ends.

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