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  We currently have our server room in a separate room about 20 feet away from our switching closet. I am building a new rack full of servers and I have a nagging debate on my mind. In order to connect the two rooms for optimal performance and redundancy with ease of management. I plan to run 8 cables to the switching closet from the server room. Should I connect those 8 cables to a patch panel in the server room and then to a patch panel in the switching closet and then connect them to the switch. Or should I just go server room switch, to switching closet switch?
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What we have is, every cabel (except fiber) goes to a patch panel, and a cabel from a patch panel to the switch.

Is is a design question and a money issue. What ever you choose is something you and your IT staff have to work with. So every option is possible.
Just for ease of use and scalability I would reccomend have all of the cables between the rooms go to patch panels. This makes it easier down the line if you need to move or change something. Straight cable runs your kinda limited.


I agree manability with a patch panel is great. However, will there be any noticable performance degrade?
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Only if you buy bad patchpanels. I you let them be installed by a certified company, you will get a certificate of excellent. This will ensure you that the network will work correctly.

But you have to keep in mind, what  kind of cabel you are going to use? cat5, cat6, shielded, etc.
Are the cabels running next to a powerline? statics can intervere with you data transmission.

for me and my expedience in server rooms,, I agree and recommend your scenario
of connecting all cables to patch panel between the two cabinets ..
so you can change and remove easily than direct connected cables,,

moreover ... it's hard to climb those cables specially the CAT6 cables to RJ45 due its size ,,
so it's easy to punch cables to patch panels and then use ready patch cords between patch panel and switches and other nodes ..

by this way you can move and do maintenance your network easily ..


one more thing i missed,, is the good labeling and numbering for your network by using the patch panel ..

If everything is made correctly and line (installation) is tested you will have no performance degradation at all.
Go for the patch panels - because this is standard and because cables goes bad mostly at connectors. Replacing connectors will take you more time than replacing patch cable. And maybe sometime you will need 1 feet longer cable...
Use the patch panels.  If you're ever trying to troubleshoot connectivity...would you rather swap out standard size patch cables (stranded core) or long solid-core custom made cables?

When running through walls, floors, etc you should be using solid copper wiring.


Thank you all.

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