Is it possible to get either circular picture boxes or circular buttons using microsoft visual studio?

kumarbabu used Ask the Experts™
There are two things I want to learn about. I am writing a program in Visual Basic Express 2008 and would like to (1) know how to have a circular picture box, and (2) a circular button. Is this even possible?
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Thanks, pluson3055.

Your recommendation for the circle buttons worked.

However, the circle picute box was not clear at all.
If I have a picture box called PictureBox1 then I am not sure how to set this picture box to autodraw mode or put text in it. The example says Picture1.Autodraw = True; if I use PictureBox1.Autodraw = True then I get a compile error.
heres is complete calss details & code for Picturebox Circle :)

sorry Thought you were already familiar with that. Happy Coding :)


The use of circular picture boxes was not clear and I could not fully understand the contents of the reference web site. However, the comments on the circular buttons was fine and it worked.

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