How do I change centerpoint in as3

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Im trying to add a flipeffect to a movieclip created through actionscript and it works fine except that the effect is distorted because the movieclip is situated in the top of the stage...

The flipeffect looks as if its viewed slightly from a lower point...

I guess you have to know what Im talking about to answer this.

The question is how I make the movieclip look as if its in center of the stage.

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Thanks, but I dont think its a  registration-point question.
When the moviclip is situated in the middle of the stage I get the correct look of the flipping-effect. But the higher or lower the y-property is, the more distorted the flipping-effect.

From the little I know of CS4s 3d capabilities I think its not about the registration-point, but - probably - about the center point or something else....

I know CS4 added rotation on z axis, and they call it 3D...  I don't know of any sophisticated implementation of it though...
Sounds like that's something you'll need help with Papervision3D to me...  

Well, in the meantime I found a feature called projectioncenter in a class called PerspectiveProjection, that seems to do the trick.
I have to explore it a little more though.

Cool...  Glad to hear that you've found something you can use...  Please close this topic...  ;)


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