Six months Date question in Crystal Report

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I have a crystal report and need it to run for the first 6 months of the year.
For example, if I run the report on 2/1/10, I only want the data from 2/1/09 - 7/31/09.
I need this to be automated, so I can run it twice a year without any parameter prompts.
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report menu > selection formula > record
and place this formula
{Orders.Ship Date} in dateadd("YYYY",-1,currentdate) to dateadd("m",6,dateadd("YYYY",-1,currentdate))

if you want from today to next 6 months use this..

{Orders.Ship Date} in currentdate to dateadd("m",6,currentdate)

and also change the currentdate to reportrundate or whatever

the first comment is for this

 "if I run the report on 2/1/10, I only want the data from 2/1/09 - 7/31/09"

you reduced 1 year from report run date accomplish this use first comment
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one more way..
if you want run any day of the month and to get data from start day of month to 6 months

1. {yourdate} in cdate(year(currentdate) ,month (currentdate), 01 )  to cdate(year(currentdate) ,month (currentdate)+6, 01 )

@stratdate = {yourdate} in cdate(year(currentdate) ,month (currentdate), 01 )

@enddate =  cdate(year(currentdate) ,month (currentdate)+5, 31 )

=== hope this gives better idea


I will need this report to run twice, once in Feb, then again in August. How can I do that?

well it works if you run the report in feb or august.....

to accomplish this

1. To run manually in feb or aug ................i know you don't want this

2 .you can schedule this report in crystal enterprise to run on these specific dates...what r u using ??  enterprise or any third party scheduler ??----this is automatic
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To automate the running of a report you need a report scheduling tool.
There are several scheduling tools listed here.


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