Blackberry (RIM) address in Mexico?

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Here is a good one.  I have an end user in Canada that needs to send their blackberry to the US so we can work on it (can't be done remotely).  It is stuck in customs because the berry is made in Mexico and they want the address in Mexico before they will release.  I have googled like crazy and can't locate an address.  Any help is appreciated!
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That is a good one indeed!
I wouldn't expect RIM to publish their manufacturing plants, and they're probably not even listed/sign posted outside the actual plant!

Even though it's made in mexico, can't you put the registered address of RIM on the form? If you buy a tshirt that's made in china do you still have to put the address of the factory? seems pretty crazy!


Yes crazy but true. Even an office in mexico is fine. Anyone?
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I would call Canada and ask them how to proceed

The plant in Mexico shut down a few years back and I think they took their leftover parts and shipped them to different resellers and manufacturers who are still using them

The number to the Corporate office is (519) 888-7465

You should pass this information along to Customs as well

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