Sccm 2007 R2 SP2 WOL

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Can anyone explain the sequeunce of events for WOL using an advertisement? Or have a good place to look at a flowchart.

If a PC has not received the advertisement policy in the first place, will SCCM still send a magic packet to wake it up then apply the policy so the computer can them run it?

Does SCCM need to know that the PC has WOL enabled? I see new items in logs after enabling it.

Lastly, on a base Cisco 3560 switch (newest IOS), does something need enabled for doing Unicast WOL? If so, what is the command.

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I saw that prior to sending my question and followed it with no joy...If I understood the flow I could do a capture and watch the traffic. I guess my primary question in that flow is will SCCM send the packet regardless of whether the workstation has received the advertisement prio to be shut down.

you might want to take a look at Auto Shutdown Manager at

Auto Shutdown Manager takes care of powering up and shutting down desktops, laptops and servers or putting them into standby. It has a rule engine to start all PC in a group eg room or department at a certain time say 8:45 and put them into standby at 5:00 pm every day. You can link desktops and servers, so all servers will be running while workstations are running, once the last workstation shutsdown the server goes into standby as well. once a workstation powers up, the workstation will wake up the server, so no interruption is noticable by employees. really powerful stuff.

other feature are the reliable management of vmware virtual machines. before a server goes into standby Auto Shutdown Manager will suspend the vmware images and if the sevrer wakes up, asmd will start the vmware as well.

many more feature to automate whole network and save lots of money. they say that by shutting down idle PC and Servers a company can save upto 85% of their current energy cost, with 50 computers thats around $6000 in added cashflow a year.



Good information. It seems that SCCM's WOL isn't quite up to par quite yet. I think we are going to start working on VPro solutions in SCCM. Thanks.

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