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currently in my office we use a d-link router.. we are small office only 6 users... I have a cisco 2600 and I would like to replace it with the d-link...

I also have a Cable connection from my ISP (RJ45) and a 48 port unmanageable switch. The cisco comes with the built-in Eth0 and a T1 module.. I'm gonna guess that I wont benefit from the T1 module.

what I wanna do is use the Cisco 2600 to assign ip (DHCP) which is possible, I also want to do port forwarding/Application Rule which I guess that this should also work. correct?

my question is how would I use the cable connection (internet) on the Cisco? do I need to buy an Ethernet module for the Cisco and then connect eth0 to my switch and eth1 to my modem? will this even work?

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yup, you'd need an ethernet module.  Eth0 would be your outside, Eth1 would be your inside.  Route the traffic upstream to cable modem.

No problem with DHCP or Port forwarding.



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