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i restored a database from a backup and logs following it. its sql 2000 and its for log shipping secondary server. so i used norecovery for all. now it shows 'loading' next to the database and i cant right click and find properties or i cant get any help from sp_helpdb. i hope there is no error in my restore. is loading the same as restoring in sql 2005? did i do it right?
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After you restored the last backup, did you mark the flag to MOUNT it? It could be expecting further transaction log restores if you didn't
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Don't worry with Loading status. Log shipping databases are always in loading status till you restore last log with RECOVERY option. Since you used (and very well) NORECOVERY will stay forever with Loading status.

PS: Don't forget to close all your previous questions about LogShipping by accepting at least one expert solution.


thanks for all the help VMontalvao. I would have known if it said recovering.

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