How To Hide TDBNavigator Buttons

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My application can run two ways. The first way is with full dB editing. The second way is read only with no dB editing. This mode of operation is determined by a passed parameter appended to the application exe file.

I need a way to make visible only the read type buttons on the TDBNavigator within my proceedure. I've been unsuccessful in applying the "visibleButtons" property. I can't figure out the proper syntax.

Thank you for your suggestions.
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Change the set of buttons displayed by providing a different set of buttons.
To show them all, use the following:
dbnavYourNavButtons.VisibleButtons := [nbFirst,nbPrior,nbNext,nbLast,nbInsert,nbDelete,nbEdit,nbPost,nbCancel,nbRefresh];
To show only the Browse type buttons, use the following:
dbnavYourNavButtons.VisibleButtons := [nbFirst,nbPrior,nbNext,nbLast,nbRefresh];
jsmitterSenior Project Engineer


It worked. My problem was that in the help file, they don't show the semicolon in front of the equal sign. I shoulda known. Thanks

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