How to expand date columns in at Visio Gantt Chart

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I currently am making a Gantt chart in Microsoft Visio 2007 wherein i have on the far right side a series of columns that make up the date range i specified. The problem i am running into is how to expand the columns without increasing the date range.

Basically what is happening is, when i attempt to drag the "date" area on the far right side of the Gantt Chart it increases the size of the date range instead of just increasing the size of the columns without changing the date range.

So to reiterate i am wondering how to increase the size of the date columns in a Gantt chart without increasing the date range?
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The short answer I haven't used the Visio Gantt chart before, but I just spent a few minutes analyzing the formulas that produce the Gantt chart behavior (I'm referring to the formulas embedded in the "shapesheet" behind each object within the Gantt chart). There is a large and rich collection of interrelated formulas that give the Gantt chart its semi-magical properties.

In particular, I looked at the width formulas for the data columns, and if you follow the chain, the controlling factors are two things: 1) the start date and end date; and 2) a scaling factor. The UI gives you access to change the start/end dates but you can't adjust the scaling factor. However, as you've probably discovered, if you change the start and end date for an existing chart, the overall frame size of the Gantt chart also changes, so the date columns end up the same size they were before.

I did try fiddling with the start/end date and the scaling factor inside the shapesheet and did succeed in making the columns wider and narrower. However, there were some minor unintended consequences -- e.g., drawing artifacts like unconnected column boundary lines that were sitting around on the page background. I don't know what else might have been affected that wasn't visually obvious there could be other side effects.

So, I'm back to where I started: it does not appear that the Gantt chart was designed to allow you to change the column width in the date section.


Thanks for looking into it.

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