PHP-LDAP Authentication Fatal Error

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I am attempting to setup Active Directory authentication For WordPress using the Simple LDAP Login plug-in.

I first discovered that php was not ldap enabled. I found php-ldap.i686 and installed that which I believe should work to enable ldap.It is still not working but getting farther along. When I attempt to open WordPress the logon page comes up and it has an error: ERROR: The username field is empty.

The apache log shows the following error:
[Thu Jan 28 12:47:54 2010] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function ldap_connect() in /var/www/html/materials/wp-content/plugins/simple-ldap-login/adLDAP.php on line 157, referer:

Can anyone shed some light on this? Does this mean that PHP is still not fully enabled for LDAP?

We are running on Fedora 12.
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Yes, if the php says that the function is undefined, your ldap extendion isn't enabled in PHP. Check your php.ini file for such string  "" or extension dir e.g. /php.d/ for ldap.ini file with equal string. Check that this string is without leading ; symbol. If you cannot find this string in your php.ini file you must rebuild your ldap extension.


Great info, thanks.
Also check php_short_tags are ON in your php.ini - some of the plugins I've seen are written using <? /> rather than <? php    ?> tags, whcih may mean some fo the code is missed.

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