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1) My friend will be a Network Administrator in Windows Environment within 2 days; but there are some HP SERVERS there
2) She asks me what are the Routine activities (in PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT) that she has to pay attention (or to learn quickly) for these HP Servers ....
3) I knew a little bit of HP Server (per theory only; or just reading articles about it), but not experienced in DAILY LIFE (Production environment)
4) She also knows per Theory only  ( reading , etc)
5) She wants to know which items that she has to pay attention and learn it quick
6) Somebody who has EXPERIENCED in these HP Servers would help her?
7) Thank you

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I don't consider there to be much to know differently from an HP server, vs a dell server.  The main thing is probably most critical in the setup of the server.  HP's use smartstart CD's during setup which basically walk you through the OS install and add all the HP tools and drivers the system needs.

Other than that, managing an OS is managing an OS.  HP has a few tools installed that deal mostly wtih the array controllers out of the box.  But, whatever software the company uses to manage their server farms are all depends on them.  It could be HP Openview, it could be servers alive, or another snmp tool.

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