Writing to an Excel Cell Using VSTO and C#

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I am using Visual Studio Tools for Office and am trying to write cells out using a data reader that i populated manually.
Is there a straightforward way to write 6 columns of data starting at a particular row?
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I had seen than article but I really need one that clears all the affected cells and pastes row by row.
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You need to use the Value2 property of range:
string[] valuesToAdd = new string[6];
//Setup your values to valuesToAdd
Excel.Range r= Globals.Sheet1.Range("a1","f1");
r.Value2 = valuesToAdd;

The idea is to create a valid range of the target row in the target sheet and  put your data as string array.

What specifically do you not know how to do?  Are you just asking us to write a program for you and have no specific questions?
Miguel OzSenior Software Engineer
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I provided the answer to this question. He probably forgot to asssign points and close the question

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