itunes causing dvd to disappear

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I recently installed itunes and tried to burn an audio CD only to discover that my DVD-RW drive had disappeared.
Dell business support informed that I needed to delete the upper & lower limits in registry. Which I did. Well my disc drive reappeared but now when I start iTunes it tells me to reinstall iTunes as the drivers which control the DVD & CD burning have been removed- hence I cannot burn any audio discs.
Reinstalling iTunes causes the registry entries to reappear and therefore the drive to disappear.
This is a known problem out there, is there a fix that anyone can provide that is more thorough than just the registry deletions?
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It's a known issue with Win 7, you didn't stated your OS.
I have the same problem, started when I installed DVD it Pro HD from Sonic. so to burn music CD's I use Nero Burnng ROM.


OS is Windows XP. same problem has been reported in Vista.
I use iTunes to sync with my ipod.
iTunes adds 2 registry entries that cause the DVD drive to disappear (can't burn CD's if the drive doesn't show).

Two solutions
1 To delete the upper & lower limits in registry and use some other software to burn CD's.(Nero)
2 Use an older version of iTunes, that's if you have an iPod not an iPhone or iTouch that need a more recent version of iTunes
The first one is the one on Micro$oft knowledge base
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1. Doesn't help me as the issue is that the drive no longer shows, therefore cannot burn CD's, use DVD, etc.
2. I tested a number of older versions of iTunes. Do you know of a version that would not cause this problem and how i could get my paws on it?

1 From your first post, You said that if you delete upper & lower limits in registry the DVD reapear, so delete them again, iTunes willl protest but is still functional EXCEPT the burning CD's part and you'll be able to burn music CD's with another application.
2 No I don't, but what is strange is that I was using Win XP SP3 and didn't have any issues, I changed to Win7 64 Bit and installed the latest verson of iTunes and that's when the problems began, I think I was using a version two updates behind the actual one with XP
So I looked for an older version of I-Tunes on the web and found the following web site.
I downloaded I-Tunes version 7.0.2 - but before I installed it I removed the newer version from my laptop and I copied and moved my I-Tunes files. I had to copy and move my files because the first time I installed the older version of I-Tunes it wouldn't open because it said it found a newer version installed - even though I used Vista to uninstall it.
After I installed the older version I simply copied my music back into the new folder it recreated and now my CD-DVD player is finally working.

Glad you fixed it

I'm accepting manoire's decission, however I did ponit him to look for an older version of iTunes.

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