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I have a .txt file with 600 lines each line is just one word. Actually word is a tape identifier. I need to update each tape with a command but I don't want to run this command 600 times.

for example: I have tape Tape1 and tape2
I need to run this command for both tapes

asvolrpolinit Tape1
asvolrpolinit Tape2
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Paste the script below into a text file with a .cmd extension.  Customize the value of the list variable on line 4 with the location of the text file.  Running the script will echo the commands to be run.  

Once you have tested it successfully and are certain it will do what you intend, remove the word ECHO from line 6 to execute the commands.

@echo off
set list=c:\list.txt
for /f %%G in ('type "%list%"') do ECHO asvolrpolinit %%G

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worked like a charm. many thanks

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