Can mrtg be used to monitor ASA5505 via vpn

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We're trying to monitor bandwidth on and ASA5505 because we are having VoIP voice breakup. MRTG is free but will it work through a firewall-Internet-ASA5505? If so, what would need to be done to the config file to make it happen? Is there a preferred tool for this type of monitoring that you could suggest, keeping in mind that we don't have money?
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Any tool would work as long as there's proper connectivity between the monitoring station and the monitored station.

Try to use PRTG [] (which is free for 5 license) for ASA and it would give more than above required information.

Hope this helps!

MRTG uses SNMP so allowing SNMP through means MRTG will work.
Use the example MRTG config file and there is a config file generation tool included.
MRTG will means any SNMP object and pass that information to the RRD database.  It is very good at doing that.  So to measure your bandwidth used I guess you could tally used octets and subtract that from available octets.  If your VoIP is on a different VLAN to other traffic going through that network path, it'll be easier to manage and monitor (generally VLAN's are separate objects in SNMP).
So I guess the answer is sort of :o)


My configuration is 4 switches and ASA5505 at remote site connected to a Time-Warner Roadrunner
7Mbps down x 2 Mbps UP with a SonicWall Pro3060 on the main site. The 4 switches have 2 vlans, 1 data and 1 voice, routed via one of the switches, layer 3,  to the ASA. We are getting voice drops and network drops. Although I have tried to set up the QoS, I'm not sure it is set up properly. I am not at all sure this configuration will ever work well using the Internet connection we have. Money is a problem. I believe we can tweek it to improve the performance using DSCP/801.2p mapping, yet another avenue I'm new to. In my reading, it appears that the ISP may be stripping the layer 2, 802.1p info and possibly mapping it to layer 3, DSCP, might allow that mechanism, to prioritize the VoIP traffic and actually stop call initiation if the available bandwidth falls below the setting allowed. Any experience/knowledge of this type on connection VoIP ISP connection success would be much appreciated. I have setup mrtg on the switches but still am unable to setup the ASA5505. The config file creation fails.

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