To change IP address to a Windows 2008 DC

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Hello Experts,

I am in the process of migrating our AD to Windows Server 2008, and my goal is to setup a new Windows 2008 DC for each site with an static IP address. Then, we would like to decomission all legacy domain controllers, and finally, change the IP address to new Windows 2008 DC, and enter the IP address of legacy Windows 2003 DC.

Can I change the IP address on a Windows 2008 DC?

If so,

What are the best practices to change an IP address for a Windows 2008 DC?

What Should I check onto AD to guarantee that all services are running fine?

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Scott AndersonPrincipal Support Engineer

There's not a problem with changing the IP address on a 2008 DC.  Usually the big stumbling block (that is usually missed) is updating DNS with the new records and making sure the old IP's for the DC are removed.  If there's other things running (e.g. Exchange or SQL, etc..) you may have to make additional changes...

Suggested process:
1.  Figure an evening for server reboot/outage.
2.  Change the IP address on the server (update the Primary DNS to point to the new server IP or just
3.  Reboot the server
4.  Check through your AD DNS zone & remove any DNS records with the old IP address.  You may have to edit the zone Properties (for the NS record).  Make sure to check the _mstcs.  zone for any FSMO or GC DNS entries...

You should be good...
I did an IP change for DC which was in windows 2003 as my ISP was changed. So, i don't find changing IP will create any issue.
You first remove the old hostname & IP address verifying from msdcs folder,dns host records,adsiedit.msc & allow time for replication so old record is removed if its there it will conflict creating srv records.
Check replication is working fine,when all the entries of old server is removed then only change the IP to old one.
The way i did is booting the dc into dsrm mode,the reason for dsrm mode is it uses least service to run AD,so there will not be any file is in use.
Start the dc into dsrm mode, change the IP,change the IP of the DC from the NS server tab to new IP.
Remove old IP entries frm dns & manually create host records if required to new IP.
Run ipconfig /flushdns &  ipconfig /registerdns, nltest /dsregdns
Restart DNS client & dns server ,netlogon service.
Run nslookup & check it resolves to correct IP.
When server will boot it will update all the entries,srv records will be updated.
So,follow this way & you will be able to change the IP.
All the best.
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Here is the article from MS on these procedures.

also have a look at a similar procedure: 

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