mysql subquery  & case statement with a default value

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I was looking for a way to do a subquery in a MYSQL query, such as:

SELECT Name, Age, State, Rank, (CASE SELECT Last_Years_Rank FROM 2009  WHERE Name='Name' IF NOT EXISTS THEN 0)  AS Last_Year_Rank FROM 2010 WHERE Name='Frank Jenkins'

Basically looking to pull data from a second table if it exists, and 0 if it does not. I have a good understanding of mysql, but combining a subquery w/ CASE statements is throwing me. I'd like it to return 0 if the customer is not in the 2009 database (so that adding the ranks only accounts for 2010).

Thanks in advance for any help.
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how about

select 2010.Name, 2010.Age, 2010.State, 2010.Rank, coalesce(2009.Rank,0) AS Last_Year_Rank
from 2010 
  left outer join 2009 on =
where Name='Frank Jenkins'

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note: you should use ` for table names with just numbers ....

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