Publishing a web server in ISA 2006 that has links to network directories.

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I am testing a way to allow remote users who have a AD account in our domain access to folders on a file server. I am using ISA 2006 std on a WIN2k3 server. The ISA is a member server and I have other websites.Sharepoint published with it. What I want to do is create a html file that has hyperlinks to shared folders on my file server. I would publish the site and users would authenticate through ISA and hit the web page. From there they would click on the link of the folder they need to access files.
What permissions would need to be added to the folders to allow user access?

I know there are solution out there and I am also testing Fileway but just want to see if this would work?
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AkhaterSolutions Architect

to access the folder you will need read access

Anyway why not allow directory listing simply or an FTP site ?

and an alternate solution Exchange 2007 has exactly what you are looking for built-in

BTW this has nothing to do with ISA
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ISA does not control file access but is responsible for making decisions upon whether traffic requesting passage through its interfaces will be allowed or denied based upon firewall and system policy rules defined through the gui.

If the site is published and SSO is ebanled for the rule then the user credentials can be passed on. Generally speaking, I would normally enable all of the participating components to have Kerberos delegation enabled for all authentication protocols on the ISA and IIS server active directory objects.

If you are talking about drag and drop capabilities as well to these folders then webdav would be the normal approach as you have Sharepoint.


Keith -

Thank you for your response. I do SSO enabled and a site published. I can create a virtual web that point to the folder on the server. It just looks generic. I am trying to create a page to make it look pretty.

Akhater -  

I am also looking into the SFTP as well. Thank you for your response.



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