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First MS 2008 SE Server with full install. Webserver role only at this point. Not in a domain yet, so it sits in a workgroup. Created a share. I find that I can access that share, from any machine on the network, from various different workgroup, with various user name logged into the desktops. NEVER get a prompt from the W2k8 server for any form of authentication. There is absolutely NO SECURITY on the share folder I created. I and RW in that folder with no problem.

So, what am I missing? Where is the initial security the NOS is suppose to provide? Looks like another Vista level product.

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When you create a network share the default permissions is for the 'Everyone' group to have Read access.

However the NFS permissions should be locked down to Creator, Administrator, System by default.

Can you check which users/groups have NFS access to the folder and list them. Also when you connect to the share from the other workstations do you have full access or just Read rights?

Is it possible the Administrator password on the server is the same as the Administrator password from the desktops/workstations you are connecting from? If that is the case then you'll be connecting to the share with local Administrator rights obviously.


I can log into an XP machine in a workgroup called HPGROUP as Joe. The W2k8 server in a workgroup called WORKGROUP (default), and JOE can have RW to the share folder with no problem, without the server even asking for credentials.

Normally, in w2k3, you would have to give rights to JOE to access the folder.

EVERYONE is not even shown as a user in the new share, just administrator. Besides, EVERYONE would be EVERYONE in the same workgroup, but this server is giving JOE full RW rights even if he is in another workgroup. JOE does not even have any accounts on the wk28 server.

Is there something on w2k8 that setups as no rights in any form until you assign them? You know, basically the opposite method than normal? (normal being deny until granted, w2k8 being grant until denied?)


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