Exchange 2007 "on behalf of" text not displaying in messages

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Question: I have several users (user A) that need to be able to send messages on behalf of another user (user B) and I want any recipients of these messages to see the message as coming from "user A on behalf of user B".

I have tried the obvious methods:
1) Giving User A send on behalf permissions in the delivery options box of the Exchange General tab of User B's account properties.
2) Enabling delegate access from User B's mailbox in Outlook.

No matter what I do the messages appear to come from User B and I cannot get the "on behalf of" text to display in these messages.

What am I doing wrong?
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Hi Muzzi

In regards to the 1st URL: I have done the following:
"Send on Behalf"
There are three ways to configure Send on Behalf. The first method is by using Outlook Delegates which allows a user to grant another user to Send on Behalf of their mailbox. The second method is having an Exchange Administrator go into the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) and grant a specific user to Send on Behalf of another user. The third and final method is using the Exchange Management Console (EMC).

The problem is not that I have an issue sending the email. Its that the email does not display the "on behalf of" text in the header. We want to be able to identify who has sent the email.

This behaviour is such of simalar to the SEND AS permission (which is not what im looking for. I am simply looking for the SEND ON BEHALF OF permission -only-

Maybe there is a way for me to strip away the SEND AS permission from the delagate who was granted the SEND ON BEHALF OF access. Any Ideas, has anyone set this up and tested this senario to see if this works -

Has anyone sucessfuly set this up, where the "on behalf of" is displayed in the message hearder text ??

Thanks Glen


here is an example of how I am attempting to setup the permission


Im able to send the email on behalf of that person, but the email doesnt display that the message was sent  "on behalf of"......

If you have a solution that you think works please test it with a test user, and then let me know if this works - Thanks!
This is how I fixed it. You need to strip away the "Send As" Permissions!

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